Sunday, June 28, 2015

Perks of being an IT student

Seriously, guys. I'm just an ordinary IT student equipped with ordinary IT skills, but peoples around me still seeing me as a pro whilst I'm struggling to save myself from repeating papers. Lol.

1. "You're an IT geek so you know how to hack computer system. Teach me, masta!"

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LOL. That's my answer for this very first impression. Guys, even if I know how to hack system, I will not teach you how as you might 'extend' the knowledge for unethical activities.

You might see me working like crazy with that black-background CMD (command prompt window) and a lot of weird language, but that's the only time when I'm struggling to run my assignment's work. I'm not a geek who loves to explore and try new methods on how to access this, how to change that... I'm still an ordinary girl tho (read: who loves reading gossips, tweeting, scrolling Instagram and giggling at the pictures, etc during her free time)

One day, I received a message from my colleague:

Colleague: Assalam Afifah. Can you please teach me something?
Me: InsyaAllah if I know what it is.
Colleague: First, I want to know. Can people trace our IP address? How to check it?
Me: Yes people can trace it, but I already forgot how. I'm not good with networking.
Colleague: Oh dear, I'm just about to hack something.
Me: Hahahahahahahahaha what? 
Colleague: Do you know how to hack?
Me: Hahahaha no.
Colleague: Oh, okay. Later.

And I was just "What is she thinking?" and literally, I smacked my head onto my pillows hardly.

2. "Oh, you are such a genius! Thanks for cleaning my thumbdrive!"

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And I was just smiling. Copying the simple code from the internet and running the CMD a bit seems like a good way to portray myself as a genius one. Hewhewhew.

3. "Help me! I'm about to die! My laptop suddenly shut down and I cannot restart it!"

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When I received the laptop, I can feel the overheat on my palms. Being a husnudzhon muslimah, I was just thinking that she might have tried hundreds of times to start her stubborn laptop. I tried to open her laptop after 5 minutes I received it and tada.... the laptop was restarted and the message about overheat and thermal thingy was appeared. Zzzz... she just had thermal problem and other than that, her laptop was working properly. The laptop just need some space to flow the heat away and be note that please do not put your laptop on fluffy surface as it blocks the heat from the inside of the laptop to escape.

4. "You study IT right? Then you must know how to repair this"

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Studying IT doesn't mean I'm capable of doing surgery on the laptop or PC. No, seriously. I don't want to be compensated if any 'additional' broken parts done by me.

5. "How to steal people's wifi? How to trace the password?"

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Hahahahahahahaha what? I'm not good in computer networking nor a person who loves to practice unethical activities using my IT knowledge, so honestly I don't know as I never explore it. Call me nerd or 'budak skema', I'm pleased to be labelled that rather than doing haraam things to please other.

6. "Oh dear, why should I learn this IT subject? I'm an engineer-to-be"

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Leulz. Don't you realize IT is the king of our modern life? Without IT, your life in this modernised world can be sooooooooo hard. Yes I know you have a brightly shine future of achieving IR status, but please do not be ignorant. You look down to my learning scope, yet you crawl and cry to me when your thumbdrive is infected by virus, which the solution can be found on internet. Blergh. Be flexible! People might just fooling you for a small matter involving IT. At least, know how your laptop works and how to handle when it is in problematic period. IT scope is powerful enough to control or destroy your IR life, so be good to it. Learn and suit it to your pride.

Nonetheless, deep in my heart, I thank to everyone's perception upon me. Thanks for appreciating me like nothing. 

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