Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mak, I'm a weakling

Right now,
At this 3.55, in this very early morning,
I couldn't sleep, couldn't sit or stand,
My hands are trembling, my legs are shaking,
And even now, I still have little confusion over little things I do...

I wish I can use Twitter as per usual to vent out my inner trembling voice,
But I know people would get irritated,
So I remembered this place, my own virtual home,
A place where I had my best laughs and cries before

Again.... here I am,
With this slow pace, I type out my inner cries,
The blood and sugar are not in their usual states,
I know you know how suffer I am when these two are in problematic,
I tried telling people that I'm not joking about this struggle,
But what I get? Just a plain so-called comforter lines together with 'kekeke' giggle

Please hear my silent cries,
Only you know my health problems,
I cannot sleep nor doing revisions and assignments,
And now I lay down as a useless body,
With the helpless tears pouring down my pale face

Sorry for being a weakling....

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